Interscholastic Offerings 2021 -22

The OCDSB is working with Sr. Administration to determine the feasibility for sport  offerings for this school year.  Check back.

Fall Teams

Cross Country Running

Junior Girls’ Basketball

Senior Girls’ Basketball

Varsity Girls’ Field Hockey

Junior Boys’ Soccer

Senior Boys’ Soccer

Senior Boy’s Volleyball

Junior Boys’ Football

Varsity Golf

Varsity Tennis

7’s Rugby  Girls & Boys (TBA)

Varsity Boys’ Swimming

Varsity Girls’ Swimming

Varsit Boy’s Ice Hockey (Non-Contact)

Winter Teams

Junior Boys’ Basketball

Senior Boy’s Basketball

Senior Girl’s Volleyball

Junior Girls Volleyball

Junior Boys’ Volleyball

Varsity Wrestling

Varisity Girls’ Ice Hockey



Spring Teams

Track and Field

Varsity Boy’s Baseball

Varsity Girls’ Touch Football

Junior Girls’ Soccer

Senior Girls’ Soccer

Junior Boys’ Rugby

Senior Boy’s Rugby

Varsity Girl’s Rugby