Outdoor Education

Be part of the OE experience!  Hundreds of LDH students have taken part, experienced new outdoor challenges,  learned about and supported their environment and have had fun all while earning a PE credit!
This curricular program focuses on the development of a healthy lifestyle and participation in a variety of outdoor physical and adventure activities.  It is the aim to introduce activities to engage students’ interest throughout their lives. Students will be encouraged to develop personal competence in a variety of movement skills through outdoor activities (e.g., nordic skiing, canoe tripping,  mountain biking,  orienteering, hiking, snowshoeing, climbing, wilderness survival, camping etc.) to enhance their personal competence and personal fitness.  Students will have the opportunity to take part in multi day excursions in authentic wilderness environments during the course.  Students will have access to and gain insight into the eqipment, planning and physical skills associated with these trips.

Curricular course offerings – PAD 3O, PAD 4O
What We Do:
We go outside! The Grade 11 & 12 Outdoor Education courses consists of a number of outdoor games and activities stressing the importance of active lifestyle, teamwork, personal growth and experiential learning while maintaining a healthy respect for our environment. Adventure trips provide an opportunity for students to learn and reinforce new skills and to experience class activities in a specific and authentic outdoor setting, while developing leadership and interpersonal skills. As field trips are a highlight of the curriculum, it is expected that all students attend all field trips.
For more information about this years offerings and trips contact program coordinator – Mr. J. Graham – joel.graham@ocdsb.ca

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