What’s Up – Cassidy Bradley

Updated: February 8, 2021

This week we catch up with LDHer Cassidy Bradley. Cassidy is purple through and through. She is a grade 11 student who is currently studying at the virtual high school. We can’t wait to get her back to LDH and back in the future. Cassidy was the junior athlete of the year at LDH last year!

What teams have you played on at LDH?
I have played on many teams at ldh including the swim team, xc running, track and field, nordic skiing, volleyball, soccer, and even badminton.

What are you looking ahead to doing after you are done at LDH?  School? work?
I am thinking about going into science because I’ve been really enjoying all of them. I’m going to take kinesiology next quad to see how that goes!

Favorite sport?
I love to run, so either xc or track and field. Swimming is a close second though.

What do you miss most about RAVEN ATHLETICS?
Everything! I miss the environment where everyone comes together to have fun and I miss seeing all of my teammates.

Favorite colour?
Definitely purple! I have loved it since I was little. That’s why I was so excited when purple was our school colour. 

Favorite pro sports team?
Honestly, I don’t follow too many sports teams, but Mellisa Bishop, a Canadian/World Track and Field Champion is an individual I admire. I was even lucky enough to meet her twice!

Favorite food
I love Mexican and Thai food.

Member of a Raven Sports team (could be a teammate, someone on another team, grade, etc)  that you respect, admire or look up to?
There are so many people! I’d have to say both Caitlin McMann and Isabelle Ngo. They have shown me what determination looks like. They continue to push me to do my best either being my “coach” or my teammate at times 🙂 I was looking forward to being on the same team as them for xc this year.

Favorite Covid 19 isolation pastime?  
Something I’ve gotten to do a lot more of is read. Another thing that I’m sure my bulldog Oscar really enjoyed (or maybe not so much…) was going on many long walks. 

Favorite gym class game or activity?
Capture the flag or dagger ball! I loved playing those games because there is strategy to them.