What’s Up – Samantha Fancy

Updated: November 27, 2020

It was great catching up with Samantha Fancy this week.  Samantha (Sam) is a grade 11 student athlete attending in person this semester here at LDH!  Sam was a nominee for the junior girls athlete of the year in 2019- 2020.  She has been working hard in the classroom this year and is looking forward to getting back to her many sports and activities!  

From the desk of Sam Fancy:

Sports at LDH:

I’ve played on many sports teams throughout my five years at Longfields such as basketball, hockey, volleyball, track and field, soccer, cross-country, ultimate frisbee and touch football.

Future Plans:

Once I’ve graduated from Longfields, I’m hoping to pursue a degree in the sciences. I haven’t quite figured out what yet, but I’m excited to find out all the amazing opportunities and careers awaiting.

Favorite Sport:

My favourite sport would have to be ringette, but I am open to learning and playing any sport.

Raven Athletics:

The thing I miss most about RAVENS ATHLETICS is the friendly competition. Whether it be between teammates for improvement, or against other teams to be the best, it was always a safe environment to learn and better yourself as well as your skills.

Favorite Colour:

My favourite colour is blue:

Favorite Sports Team:

My favourite sports team is the Washington Capitals. I grew up watching hockey – especially the Capitals, and liked the way they played and continue to play.

Favorite Food:

My favourite food is steak and potatoes.

A Great Teammate:

A Ravens teammate I look up to is Jessica Fitzgerald. She comes to every practice and game ready to go and excited to take on the challenges. She’s hardworking, never gives up, and is a positive role model for everyone around her.

Covid Pastime:

During the Covid-19 pandemic I pursued my other hobbies as all sports were shut down. I  spent more time playing piano and guitar which was a nice change. It helped me take my mind off the ongoing pandemic.

Favorite Gym Class Activity:

My favourite gym class game is daggerball. It combines just the right amount of running, throwing, catching and hitting, with the perfect amount of competition.