What’s Up – Alumni – Jade Hayter

Updated: November 22, 2020

Hey Ravens

In our weekly feature of “what’s up” this week we catch up with  a member of the RAVEN ATHLETICS alumni.  This week we look back at 2014 graduate and former senior athlete of the year Jade Hayter.  It was great catching up with Jade who is currently a physical education teacher in the OCSB.  We are extremely proud of Jade and thought Raven Nation would love to hear what’s up with her!  Below Jade’s responses during our chat:


I graduated in 2014 from LDH.

Post LDH Education and Sport:

I went to Nipissing University and took Health and Physical Education. I joined the varsity rowing team at Nipissing and loved the super competitive atmosphere… not so much the early mornings. I then continued my education at Nipissing and completed my Teachers college.

Present job:

I am currently in my first teaching position back in Ottawa, teaching Health and Physical Education as well as French. 

Sport involvement at LDH:

I played on a variety of teams at LDH including: field hockey, ice hockey, nordik skiing, volleyball, track and field and touch football. 

Favorite Sports:

Favourite school sport was probably volleyball but I loved playing ice hockey in the community.

Raven Athletic Awards:

I was lucky to have received a couple MVP awards for the Nordik ski team as well as touch football. In grade 12 I received Female Athlete of the year. 

What you miss about RAVEN ATHLETICS:

I miss Ravens Athletics so much. It got me through High School as I loved the teams, coaching, fun atmosphere and it was such a fun way to stay active.

Favorite colour:

Favourite colour is red.

Favorite sports team:

Love the Boston Bruins!

Member of Raven Athletics that  your look up to or admire:

Someone I look up to is my friend Ashley Thornhill. She injured her knee and had to get surgery but was still motivated to continue playing sports as well as she could. Injuries can have such a huge impact on people but they can’t let you ruin your dream.

Covid pastime:

During Covid I have started to paint a lot. I find it therapeutic and fun!

Favorite gym class activity:

Favourite gym activity is hula hoop X’s and O’s!

Current Sports:

I still play volleyball and did recreationally at school which is such a fun way to keep active and have fun!

Thank you Jade, well done and good luck moving forward!  Once a Raven, always a Raven!  Go purple!