What’s Up – Aly Saydam

Updated: November 13, 2020

This week we feature student athlete Aly Saydam. Aly is a grade 11 student studying in person at Longfields. He was the Jr. Athlete of the year for the 2019. We miss seeing Aly on the court but caught up to him in his biology class this week

From the desk of Aly Saydam……

Hey Ravens,
It’s good to be back in school but I always feel like somethings missing without any sports teams.
I’ve played on numerous sports teams as a raven such as volleyball, basketball, soccer, and ultimate frisbee. 
During the past few days we’ve seen some great weather and it was a nice boost to do some outdoor activities. I went to play basketball with my brothers, I went on a few runs and walks with the family, and I just spent some time outdoors before the beautiful weather goes away. 
The thing I miss the most about RAVEN ATHLETICS is just the team environment that we had. From the great coaches who always kept the standards high to be our best at all times, to my teammates who were like family to me and always pushed me to be better everytime I step on the court/field.
My favorite color has to be either black or purple. Or BOTH!
My favorite pro sports team is the Toronto Raptors. Even though they didn’t have the best season in 2020, they’ll be back. #TrustTheProcess

Favorite Food?
ME personally being from the Middle East, I don’t think anything can compete with some classic shawarma!!

A member of a Raven Sports team that I respect and look up to is my fellow volleyball teammate Josh Flett. I admire Josh’s work ethic and as a competitor and a teammate, he is always a blast to be around. Josh is also of a smaller stature like myself but he doesn’t let that get in his way and he shows me that it is possible to be of elite athlete calibre if you put the work in. 

My favorite COVID-19 pastime is probably biking. It helps me relieve some stress and clear my head a little bit when I get my headphones plugged in and I’m riding with the wind. Over the summer I bought a road bike and I’ve been going on little trips, with my dad, through downtown and the Gatineau on the weekends. Biking is great because it’s a form of exercise but it is also enjoyable.
My favorite gym class game or activity is probably speedball. The mix of handball and soccer makes it super fun to play in gym class especially if i’m going up against some fellow RAVEN athletes. I always tell myself that I won’t play so hard so I don’t hurt myself in gym class but once the whistle is blown, my competitiveness takes over.

Thank you!
Aly Saydam