What’s Up – Emily Huynh

Updated: November 4, 2020

This week we are featuring Raven student athlete EMILY HUYNH. Emily is a grade 9 student here at LDH. She also has a twin brother here at LDH! Emily played many different sports during grade 7 and has been waiting patiently to get back on the courts. We can’t wait to see Emily back in purple (her favorite colour!). Welcome to high school Emily and welcome to RAVEN ATHLETICS.

What has Emily been up too…..check it out!

The teams I’ve played on at LDH are the volleyball, soccer, badminton, touch football and track and field teams.

The best part of grade 9 so far is meeting the kind teachers I have and surprising myself about how much I’ve learned during this time.

I’m interested in playing for the soccer or volleyball team in high school.

My favorite sports are soccer and volleyball.

What I miss most are the fun practices with the team and the chance to meet those from other schools, they always put me in a good mood.

My favorite colour is purple.

I don’t have a favorite pro sports team.

I respect and admire the coaches for their commitment and dedication to help us improve  individually and as a team along with my encouraging teammate Jasmine Rulloda who I’ve played volleyball with for 5 years, since the  very beginning.

My favorite covid-19 isolation pastime is texting my friends.

My favorite gym class activity is Dodgeball. It’s a fun game to play with other classes. It’s fun to throw balls at people and it helps to improve our reflexes.