What’s Up – Donovan Sealy

Updated: October 30, 2020

This week Raven Athletics features long time contributor to the basketball program Donavan Sealy. Donovan has represented the purple on the hardwood during his grades 7- 11 years. He is a fierce competitor and a great teammate. When asked his favorite sport….. Basketball!

Donovan regrets missing his grade 12 basketball season but is keeping it positive as he attends LDH in person school this quadmester. “What I miss most about Raven Athletics is the camaraderie with my teammates and the opportunity to compete with teams from other schools and travel to the schools to meet other athletes.”

Here are some of the responses to the probing questions from Raven Athletics…..

Favorite colur: Red

Favorite sports team: Toronto Raptors

Member of Raven sports team that you respect and look up to: I respect and admire the LDH coaches I’ve had over the years as well as the two teammates who I’ve played basketball with for 4 years at LDH – Brian Tran and Connor Elliot – for their sportsmanship and commitment to the game.

Favorite Covid 19 isolation pastime: Playing Xbox and watching movies and TV shows on Netflix

Favorite gym class game or activity: My favorite gym class or activity is dagger ball. It’s a great game that is fun for everyone no matter their skill level. Rugby basketball is another game that I really like because as a basketball player it is a challenge to try and shoot baskets with a rugby ball instead of a basketball.

Good luck this year Donovan! Wear purple and be proud of all you bring to LDH!