Celebrating 10 years of LDH, Leadership & Community Building

Updated: October 25, 2019
Celebrating 10 Years in the CommunityLongfields – To mark a decade of serving students, Longfields Davidson Heights High School is celebrating their 10th anniversary with a family fun day for the community to enjoy. First opening its doors in 2009, Longfields was the first school in Ottawa to serve grades 7 to 12. Over 100 staff members work at the school, with over 2,000 students being enrolled. To help support the large population, in 2013 it was announced that the school would undergo a 15.2-million-dollar expansion. The school’s grade 12 leadership class is putting on a number of events between now and the end of the school year, including a family fun day to make their 10-year milestone from 11am to 3pm on November 2. “Our school really has not had such a big milestone like this before, where we celebrate 10 years of being apart of a community, being a part of Barrhaven,” said grade 12 leadership student Alaa Ghlaissia. “I feel like people should definitely come out to our event, its an event dedicated to our community, so you don’t just have to be an alumni to come.” “So far, we are targeting different age groups to ensure that everyone is involved and that everyone feels welcome because it is not just to commemorate Longfeilds but also the community,” echoed grade 12 student Sukaina Rzibi. “Without the community Longfields would not have been possible. We are advertising to different age groups, we are hoping to get a bouncy castle in there with games and raffle prizes.” The day will feature a variety of carnival games, food, and more, alongside musical performances by the school’s bands. They are also hoping to have exhibition soccer and/or football games — possibly involving alumni vs staff.
With less than two weeks to go the group of students say they are confident the event will be a success and are excited to see some of the former students. They say this has been a great opportunity for them to overcome challenges and become more confident when reaching out to local organizations.  “I think a lot of the work that we still need to do is polishing it and making sure that we are ready for that day,” said Tristan Roos. “I think that is something that has definitely made us a little bit more confident as leaders and has developed our skills communicating professionally with our committee as well,” echoed Ghlaissia. 
The event will take place between 11 a.m. to 3 p.m., on November 2nd. 

To find out more, visit https://ldhss.ocdsb.ca/news/what_s_new/l_d_h_s_s_10th_anniversary_celebration
Are You Smarter Than A 12th Grader?
Longfields – It is a way to bring fun into the classroom. Students in Longfields Davidson Heights’ grade 12 leadership class are planning a trivia night to be held at neighbouring Berrigan Elementary School next week. It is a way to quiz the grade six students to see if they are smarter than a 12th grader. “It works on team building, working with others, and collaboration,” said grade 12 leadership student Talya Oktu. “We are going to tie that back to there life skills because it is important to be able to branch off of other ideas and not be so independent.” “Working under pressure is an important part of life skills so they need to have that skill and we are trying to help build that up for the grade six’s,” echoed fellow leadership student, Shaahd Abou. The students will have a time limit to answer a set number of questions. While we were visiting the class, students were busy finalizing up all of the details, and were practising with Longfields’ grade 11 leadership class.