Girls Touch Football Caught by Storm

Updated: May 5, 2019

After lighting up the scoreboard on Tuesday in our season opener, your Varsity Footballin’ Ravens were held scoreless by a talented and efficient squad from Richmond High by a score of 8-zip on Wednesday afternoon on our home turf.While the weather was surprisingly manageable, it was a few too many drops, a few too many INT’s and a few too many long faces that did the girls in over the course of the matinee Footie action. One unlucky tip and catch led to a 60 yd TD score for the bad guys which was all the scoring the undefeated Storm would need.Special mention to Bea Bosick who brought loads of pressure from the rusher spot all afternoon long. Alison Kuseler also chipped in with a big 2nd half INT!
Back to the drawing board Thursday at practice as the oft-truant girls gear up for a big neighbourhood road showdown with Les Epaulards from Pierre Savard High on Monday at 4 pm.

Coach Elliot